Our mission is to continuously expand businesses focused to maximum customer satisfaction, yet ensuring interests of all the stakeholders and environmental standards.


Our vision is to become leading supplier of Air Condition, Refrigeration, to our chosen market through understanding and meeting our customers’ requirements and even exceed their service expectation.

Al Imran Group

Imran Group of Companies is a market leader in Air-conditioning, Refrigeration, Washing Machines and Oven parts and services provision in the UAE. The group is headed by the mercurial entrepreneur Mr. Manzoor Ahmed and this remarkable journey began in 1993 with a business venture in Dubai as an Air-conditioning Systems Installation contractor. Mr. Manzoor’s vision soon led the business to a growth passage and six years later, by 1999, the business in Dubai was firmly established and expanded with a variety of trading services for Air-conditioning, Refrigeration, Washing Machines and Oven Accessories, and providing the much needed supports to the local consumers, traders and end-users.

Ours passion and determination to serve the consumers led to further enhancement of the business and transformation into an International Brand, Imran Group of Companies with thirteen showroom outlets across the United Arab Emirates. The group also established key International services to provide customers best quality parts and services directly to their home countries. These included Ningbo Al Imran Corporation in Ningbo China and Al Imran Corporation in Lahore Pakistan. The customer services vision continued to grow and by 2012 Al Waleed Chemical services was started, based in Ajman UAE to serve as the main warehouse hub.

As of today Al Imran Air-conditioning Parts business segment is an International leader for provision of high quality products at affordable prices to its customers, with a mission to provide parts for Air-conditioning, Refrigeration, Washing Machines and Oven Accessories for a wide variety of clients based in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Lebanon and Jordan in the main.Furthermore Management’s mission to serve the diverse clientele file with quality products and services ensures that our journey continues to prosper.

Welcome to AL IMRAN AC SPARE PARTS LLC, your one stop source for all HVACR products. We're dedicated to giving you the very best of air conditioning, refrigeration, allied product with quality & excellent value for money.

Founded in 1993 by Mr. Manzoor Ahmed, AL IMRAN AC SPARE PARTS LLC has come a long way from its beginnings in Dubai. Mr. Manzoor first started out, his passion for quality brands carrying excellence, yet eco-friendly characteristics drove east and west. We can offer you competitive differentiator - e.g. "the world's most advanced HVACR products, having supplied competitive range on numerous projects in UAE. Currently, we serve customers all across Asian, Russian and Middle East & African markets.

With our endeavor of supplying quality range of HVACR, look forward to extend excellent customer service.

Our Clients

The hall mark of our corporate policy revolves around commitment, quality and customers’ satisfaction through delivery of both products and services within our domain. As testimony to our resolve following brands enjoy competitiveness, quality and customers’ preference across regional and international markets.